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edelivery is a fully developed comprehensive multichannel ecommerce & delivery platform. Designed as a turnkey product, to serve the growing demand to bring products and services to an online audience, through a secure and reliably built platform. Our intention of investing into to the product is give our clients a faster go-market ready and reliable product.

With the rise in demand for ONLINE ORDERING, its right time to start ONLINE GROCERY PLATFORM.We have witnessed a sudden Increase in Demand for Daily Essentials and we have a Readily Available Application to launch your Business in no time.

You can set up and roll-out this entire business model without human intervention and still maintain social distance.

1. Choose our Turnkey application
2. Get users and drivers on-board
3. List all the products and outlets on the application
4. Start earning from the transactions and take complete advantage in your location even during this lock-down

The best part of this application is you can use it for Groceries, Pharmacy or other Essentials and launch it live on to your Website, Android and iOS in no time.

Contact us for a demonstration and deployment options.

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